Accreditation policies and procedures of the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA)

Last update: January 2022

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Summary of Changes to January 2022 CVTEA Accreditation Policies and Procedures Manual MEMO (PDF)

NOTE FOR SITE VISITS FOR CVTEA®. The cumulative number of all site visits in a 12-month period shall not exceed 50 so all requests may not be met in a given year. The CVTEA® may in its sole discretion and for good cause shown give consideration to exceed the maximum number of site visits. Currently accredited programs will be given priority in scheduling.

Table of Contents

Glossary of Acronyms

  1. AVMA Policy on Veterinary Technology
  2. Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA)
  3. CVTEA Conflict of Interest Policy
  4. CVTEA Roster
  5. AVMA Staff Roster
  6. Accreditation Standards and Guidelines for Interpretation
  7. Classification of Accreditation
  8. Standard Operating Procedure for Accreditation of Programs Educating Veterinary Technicians
  9. Standard Protocol for Handling Complaints Directed at a Veterinary Technology Program
  10. Deficiency & Recommendation Categories
  11. Procedures for Appeal of Adverse Decisions on Accreditation
  12. Procedure for Request for Reconsideration of Probationary Accreditation
  13. Special Site Visit
  14. Quality Assurance 

CVTEA Substantive Change Report


Appendix A
Statement on Safety

Appendix B
Use of Animals in Veterinary Technology Teaching Programs

Appendix C
Off-Campus Clinical Instruction

Appendix D
Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology Degree

Appendix E
Emergency Conditions Policy

Appendix F
Self-Study Submission Requirements, Documents, and Comprehensive Verification Materials

Appendix G
Equipment and Instructional Resources List

Appendix H
Veterinary Technology Student Essential and Recommended Skills List