VCC: Job Seekers' FAQ

Q. Who can find a job through the Veterinary Career Center?
A. Anyone may search and apply for jobs in the Veterinary Career Center, including veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, veterinary technician students, and veterinary staff (hospital managers, receptionists, etc). Everyone has the ability to post a resume, establish personalized notification agents, and take advantage of other features.

Q. What features are available to job seekers in the Veterinary Career Center?
A. As a job seeker you will find all of the tools you expect from a full-featured online career resource: Easy browsing of all listings for general searching, advanced search functions for targeted job searches, your own personal account, and a variety of support options to give you the help you need along the way. You may also post a resume online and receive automatic notifications of new listings.

Q. How often can I check the job listings?
A. As often as you want, whenever you want!

Q. Can my resume and application be listed confidentially?
A. Absolutely. You choose whether to list your name openly or be confidential/anonymous with a "blind" e-mail address. You may choose to withhold personal information if you wish. If you do wish to keep your information confidential, be sure to delete confidential data from your formatted resume as well.

Q. How long will my information remain online?
A. Your resume will remain active for 12 months at which time you will receive notification to update your resume. Therefore, it is best if you make your resume unsearchable after you accept a position so that employers do not continue to contact you.

Q. What if I have more questions about the AVMA Veterinary Career Center?
A. For technical questions or help with using the Veterinary Career Center, please contact technical support at 888-491-8833 ext 1027 or customerservice+31509atsupport [dot] boxwoodtech [dot] com.

If you have questions related to your AVMA membership or suggestions for improving this service, please write to us at avmainfoatavma [dot] org.