Economics & Practice


Economics & Finance

Compassion, caring and high-quality care keep clients coming in the door, but there is more than that to paying the bills. Running a small business requires skills that aren’t often learned, or are introduced but not emphasized, in veterinary school.

Practice Management

Managing paperwork might not be your idea of a great time, but it's a critical component of a smoothly-running small business. We've got resources to help streamline your administrative processes.

Client Materials

An educated client can be your best client. But with "Dr. Google" and the ever-growing assortment of information – and misinformation – available, clients may have trouble breaking through the noise. Not to worry. The AVMA has resources you can share to emphasize the value and importance of veterinary care.


You've built it, and now you need to protect it. Whether you're looking for information on health/medical, life or liability insurance, the AVMA insurance trusts offer solutions. We've also got information on pet insurance for your own, your staff's, or your clients' pets.

Telehealth Resource Center

Understand the legal and regulatory aspects of telehealth, and determine whether and how best to integrate telehealth into your veterinary practice. We've created resources that help you incorporate telehealth and telemedicine into your practice, to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the challenges facing medicine in the digital age.