Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents

This Council serves as an informational and advisory resource to government agencies and to other AVMA groups on issues pertaining to veterinary biologics, drugs, and other therapeutic agents. The Council also fosters the proper use of biologic and therapeutic agents in the practice of veterinary medicine.

Examples of Council activity include improving animal vaccine label content to provide additional meaningful information to veterinarians to assist them in customizing vaccine recommendations for their patients; furnishing comprehensive veterinary education on animal product issues; advocating for animals and veterinarians regarding the proper use of compounded drugs; addressing Internet issues affecting veterinary practice with regulatory officials, including pharmacy and diagnostic testing; and reviewing and enhancing the adverse event reporting systems for animal health products.


The Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents consists of 12 voting members of the Association and are elected by the House of Delegates for two 3 year terms. Members represent the following areas of veterinary medical activity: microbiology; immunology; pharmacology; clinical pharmacology; private clinical practice, predominantly small animal; private clinical practice, predominantly food animal; private clinical practice, predominantly equine; epidemiology; industry, exclusive; and at-large.


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