HOD discusses in-person VCPR, proposed midlevel position

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With staffing challenges remaining top of mind in veterinary medicine, the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) focused attention last weekend on two far-reaching proposals that carry great risk for veterinary patients and teams.

During the HOD’s Veterinary Information Forum held January 5-6, 2024, the delegates explored these two issues currently under debate in the profession:

  • The importance of establishing the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) in person, including for telemedicine
  • Creation of a midlevel position that would overlap the roles of the veterinarian and veterinary technician

The delegates—representing veterinary medicines’ state, territorial, and recognized specialty associations—also focused on future workforce needs and the current staffing challenges in specific veterinary segments.

Their meeting is detailed in this AVMA News article published after the meeting. It’s an important read for anyone concerned with maintaining the quality of veterinary medicine, with specifics of the information presented on all of these issues. 

Also included with the article are background documents on these three key topics:

Make your voice heard

In addressing the HOD, AVMA CEO Dr. Janet Donlin encouraged the delegates to help their state lawmakers understand the grave impact these proposals would have on the quality of veterinary care. “It is up to you as veterinary leaders to make sure your state hears good, accurate information,” she told the delegates.

This is a role that every veterinary professional can take on. Share these backgrounders with your state policymakers to help ensure the continued high quality of veterinary medicine and patient care across the country.


Mid level veterinarian

To whom it may concern, I’m curious to know how many individuals that’s are involved in the legislation for a Midlevel veterinarian, refuse to see a nurse practitioner and or a physicians assistant when they cannot get into see their Doctor! I am a nurse and I was also a veterinarian technician throughout my college years, and live in a rural area where it’s hard to find large animals veterinarians. “Sounds like a lot of obstacles” is not a good enough reason to shut the idea down. Specially when the parameters to model off of are in the field of a nurse practitioner/Physicians assistant. I’m almost 💯 % positive that a veterinarian would love to have the assistance of someone who could do CVI out in the field for 100 4-H kids traveling to shows! Or suture an animal that has a laceration and needs antibiotics. Nurse practitioner runs their own practice, prescribe medication and can perform minor procedures on humans!! How would that be any different from a Midlevel veterinarian? They changed laws for human why not animals? Instead we have veterinarians prescribing medications to farms and say call me when you need advice, Well most individuals will give the medication and handle most minor procedures themselves and never call the doctor! In terms of a Midlevel not being able to sign a VCPR is ridiculous! There is a nation wide shortage of vetinarians it sounds like veterinarians don’t want to share their income and technicians are happy doing all the work for minimal pay!

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