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The AVMA is delighted to offer a retirement plan for AVMA members as another valuable member benefit. The new AVMA Trust Retirement Plan will be available to practice owners and self-employed veterinarians beginning October 1.

Helping independent practices stay competitive is front and center for the AVMA, and this new offering is another best-in-breed resource for veterinary business owners. The AVMA retirement plan leverages the power and size of the AVMA community to provide a product that meets the unique needs of veterinary businesses of any size, providing all the benefits of large employer plans:

  • Lower management costs, thanks to group buying power
  • Reduced fiduciary burden
  • Simplified plan administration
  • A choice of investments selected and monitored by a delegated investment fiduciary
  • Ability to customize the plan design to meet the business’ objectives
  • High-quality services with access to online education, advice-oriented solutions, and financial advisor support

The AVMA retirement plan, offered through Transamerica in partnership with TAG Resources and Envestnet Retirement Solutions, is available exclusively to AVMA members.

To learn more about the program, visit

For questions, or to schedule a personal consultation, email AVMATrustRetirementPlanattransamerica [dot] com (AVMATrustRetirementPlan[at]transamerica[dot]com) or call 312-596-5336.



so this is only available to practice owners or self- employed vets? What about the majority of us that don't own a practice and who's boss doesn't provide these benefits? Guess we are still on our own, as usual.

RE: retirement

Hello Andrea, thank you for reaching out. If you are an employee of a practice that does not offer retirement solutions, we encourage you to discuss with your practice owner and ask them to call to request a consultation. Also, if you have other revenue sources than your current employment, regardless of their origin and as long as they are subject to a W-9 form, you might be considered self-employed and therefore eligible for the program. Feel free to contact us here if you have any more questions:
Phone: 312.596.5336

Age of retirement from AVMA?

I am 65 yo and suffered a fractured back 2 years ago. I am now very limited to physical activities e.g. lifting bigger dogs, stand for an hour to do a spay.

Thank you,
Sheila Kinty

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