Client education materials

An educated client can be your best client. But with “Dr. Google” and the ever-growing assortment of information – and misinformation – available to clients, it can be difficult to break through the noise. Share these AVMA resources with your clients to emphasize the value and importance of veterinary care. 

Clinic posters and handouts

Ready-to-use materials that you can post in exam or waiting rooms, or hand to clients, to educate them on topics ranging from preventive care, to cold and hot weather safety, to safe use of NSAIDs and post-vaccination care for their pets.


Professional-quality brochures created by the AVMA cover everything from cancer and rabies to choosing a new pet and grieving a pet's loss. AVMA members receive pricing discounts up to 20%.

Spanish-language resources

Other foreign-language resources

Resources for pet owners