Personal Development

A Working Diagnosis

Get advice to optimize your job search from Dr. Patricia Wohlferth-Bethke, director of the Veterinary Career Center and assistant director of Membership & Field Services for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). From outlining best practices for résumé writing, to highlighting common mistakes job-seekers make during interviews, Dr. Pat has the advice you need to ratchet your job search up a notch. 

Simple Answers to Tough Questions

The start of your new career as a veterinarian can be filled with anxiety, and you might find yourself with questions that never arose in your schooling. This video series, created by some of our young AVMA member veterinarians, answers the questions you might be too afraid to ask your boss or colleagues.

Leadership Toolkit for Veterinarians

Looking to build your leadership skills? Our toolkit can help you build the skills needed to be a leader in your workplace, in society, and in organized veterinary medicine.

Early Career Online Community

This Facebook group, open only to AVMA members who have graduated in the past five years, lets recent grads connect with each other to provide advice and support with issues faced during the transition from veterinary student to working veterinarian. We also host an online expert on a different topic (such as veterinary economics, wellness, leadership, and more) almost every month.

AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference

Let us help you develop your skills as a leader and organizer within the veterinary profession.

AVMA Future Leaders Program

This one-year program helps develop leadership and problem-solving skills related to organized veterinary medicine. Open exclusively to AVMA members who have graduated from veterinary school within the last 15 years.

Veterinary Career Transitions

Find out more about career options that exist for veterinarians, including current jobs, and learn how to assess what kind of careers are a good fit for you. Learn how to translate what you do into other career settings, and also how to market those skills.