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Future leaders update:

Leadership development and programming is important to the AVMA and our members. We are committed to providing resources, programs and tools that promote, protect and advance the veterinary profession and are dedicated to the growth and development of veterinary students and professionals.

In November 2017 the AVMA board approved an adjustment to the timing of the Future Leaders program. AVMA staff and volunteer leadership are in the process of analyzing current and potential leadership offerings, during which time the AVMA Future Leaders program will remain on hiatus to enable a thorough review of AVMA's various programs as we work to evolve our leadership offerings.

For more information and to share your perspectives please contact futureleadersatavma [dot] org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you ready to take the next step in leadership and service for our profession? If you're an AVMA member just emerging in your career (15 years out from veterinary school or less) and you're looking for an exciting yearlong program to help you blaze your leadership path, the Future Leaders Program might just be the program for you. Watch the video above to learn more about the program from our facilitator and an alum of the program.

Application requirements

You don’t need to already be an established leader in organized veterinary medicine. Maybe you served as an officer for your SAVMA Chapter in veterinary school, or you attended the Veterinary Leadership Experience previously; or perhaps you’ve just become a subcommittee member for your state veterinary medical association. If you’ve shown leadership involvement previously, are an AVMA member, and you're 15 years out of veterinary school or less, this program can help you advance your leadership skills further to benefit the veterinary profession.

It's all about the journey.

"AVMA's members should be proud of this program and I am confident that they will be impressed by these Future Leaders."

Dr. Ken Andrews
High Impact Facilitation

The Future Leaders Program is unique and takes a holistic approach to leadership development. Its goal is to develop the strengths and talents of veterinarians, promoting their leadership skills for the benefit of the veterinary workplace, society as a whole, and especially our profession through leadership in organized veterinary medicine. To develop those skills, participants get to complete 360-degree assessments and follow their short- and long-term goals with our professional facilitator, Dr. Ken Andrews, while also fostering individual relationships with prominent veterinarians and participating in leadership lectures. Each class of Future Leaders also works as a team to develop novel, useable resources for AVMA members, thus strengthening teambuilding and project management skills. We need veterinarians emerging in their careers to get prepared to lead us into the future. Are you ready to take that next step?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Future Leaders Program

Future leaders classes & projects

2017-2018 Future Leaders Class
  Project: Animal Obesity Toolkit for Veterinarians

2016-2017 Future Leaders Class
  Project: Tools to Strengthen Your Veterinary Team

2015-2016 Future Leaders Class
  Project: Workplace Wellness: Countdown to Wellness (PDF)

2014-2015 Future Leaders Class
  Project: Wellness Resources

2013​-2014 Future Leaders​ Class
  Project: Veterinary Career Transitions

2012-2013 Future Leaders Class
  Project: Cultural Competency Resources

2011-2012 Inaugural Future Leaders Class
  Project: Leadership Skills for Veterinarians

Support for the AVMA Future Leaders Program is generously provided by

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The AVMA and its Future Leaders also thank Dr. Andrews for his generosity in donating his time to this program.