The Business Case for Diversity

Diversity and inclusion efforts in the work place aren’t about giving anyone special treatment or hiring to fill quotas—they’re about providing opportunities to all, respecting the values of people with different backgrounds and perspectives, and being respected in return. These efforts are also not as hard to make as you might initially think. Even simple efforts can improve your interactions with clients, coworkers, colleagues and others. What’s more, diversity and inclusion efforts can increase your business’ productivity and profit.

Check out some of these books, articles, commentaries and videos by your colleagues and other professionals about why diversity and inclusion make good business sense.

Have you ever wondered whether your practice is reaching the broadest spectrum of the animal-owning public in your community?

  • Check out the US Census database for a wealth of information about your practice’s client base
Interested in learning how to navigate some of the potential roadblocks to creating a diverse and inclusive practice?