Bridging the Gaps: Future Leaders and Cultural Competency

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​The Future Leaders Program is an AVMA program that brings together ten veterinarians with leadership potential who have been out of veterinary school for 15 years or less, to help them launch their leadership journey in veterinary medicine. The goal is to help them develop their strengths and talents, promoting their leadership skills for the benefit of the veterinary workplace, society as a whole, and especially the veterinary profession through leadership in organized veterinary medicine. One of the key components of the program is the completion of a team project, to strengthen teambuilding and project-management skills, and to develop novel, useable resources for AVMA members to utilize. The 2012-2013 class chose cultural competence as their project topic, helping to provide AVMA members with resources to practice culturally competent veterinary medicine. These resources include a PowerPoint presentation titled “What’s In Your Medicine Bag? A Cultural Competency Toolkit for Veterinarians” and a series of videos, which are available on the AVMA YouTube channel and described and linked below:

The Case for Cultural Competency
Dr. Jenifer Chatfield discusses why the Future Leaders developed cultural competency resources and underscores the value of cultural competency in veterinary medicine.

Benefits of Cultural Competency in Mixed Animal Practice
Dr. Jennafer Glaesemann identifies the value of cultural competency, finding parallels between cultural competency and patient exams.

Benefits of Cultural Competency in Food Animal Practice
Dr. Karen Burns Grogan discusses her experiences utilizing culturally competent communication in food animal practice.

Cultural Competency: Passion and Progress
Dr. Blair Hollowell discusses why cultural competency is so critical for the veterinary profession.

An International Cultural Competency Journey
Dr. Jason Johnson describes his varied international experiences as a veterinarian, while also sharing some light-hearted observations.

What is Cultural Competency?
Dr. Douglas Kratt describes what cultural competency is within the context of veterinary medicine.

Culturally Competent Communications
Dr. Kelvin Urday provides advice for veterinarians to implement culturally competent communications with clients.