Your input needed: Cannabis, telehealth, risk management in practice

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Do you have experiences and perspectives to share about clients’ interest in using cannabis-derived products for their pets? Are you using connected care/telehealth to serve clients and patients? Curious about potential liability risks when students or other non-employees work or volunteer at your practice?

The AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) will meet January 10-11 in Chicago, and the delegates invite all members to share perspectives on these important topics, which they will discuss during the Veterinary Information Forum (VIF) on January 10:

  • Cannabis: The HOD will revisit a previous Veterinary Information Forum topic with an update on research and regulation, including the latest on veterinarians’ ability to discuss the therapeutic use of cannabis for patients.
  • Connected care/telehealth: This discussion also revisits a previous topic with an update on technology and regulation, and a look at how veterinarians are using technology to improve access to care and clinical outcomes in various settings.
  • Student externs/practice volunteers and potential liability: Delegates will discuss risk-management practices to address potential liability when students or other non-employees work or volunteer in veterinary practices. These could include legal releases, indemnification agreements, understanding worker’s compensation insurance, and considering enhanced levels for professional liability and commercial general insurance coverage.

AVMA member input guides the association’s work, and your delegates want to hear from you in advance of these discussions.  All AVMA members should receive an email today from your delegate about the Veterinary Information Forum. Please follow the link in that email to let your delegate know your thoughts before Dec. 17. If you don’t receive an email, it’s probably because we don’t know how to reach you. Please update your email address and sign into the website to get your delegate’s contact information. You also can check your email preferences to make sure you’re subscribed to receive HOD communications.

Let your voice be heard by joining the conversation. The AVMA is powered by members, and your delegates look forward to hearing from you.


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