Webinar: To cook or not to cook?

Published on July 03, 2019

Pros and cons of raw meat diets

Pet owners have different reasons for choosing to feed their pet one type of food over another. Join us this month for two webinars exploring the risks and benefits of raw meat-based diets, and how to talk with clients about them. Both sessions will be presented by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

First, join us next Wednesday, July 10, at noon for To Cook or Not to Cook: Pros and Cons of Raw Diet. Dr. Deborah Linder will discuss the benefits and risks of raw meat-based diets, owner motivations for choosing a raw diet for their pet, and clinical recommendations your clients should be aware of. Dr. Linder also will share peer-reviewed studies about human and animal health risks associated with raw diets, and recommend protocols for ensuring staff and animal safety when treating a pet who may have consumed contaminated food.

Two weeks later, on Thursday, July 25 at noon, Dr. Linder will return for a second webinar, focused on client communication strategies that we can employ when discussing raw meat diets with pet owners. In this session, Dr. Linder will cover how to incorporate owner motivations in discussions with your clients, and best practices for obtaining and providing timely information to clients about raw meat diets. Using case examples, she’ll also highlight how educated owners are better equipped to make informed decisions about their pets.

Both webinars will be presented on AVMA Axon, and each offers 1 hour of CE credit. AVMA and SAVMA members can participate free of charge; the cost for others to attend is $25 per webinar. If you can’t attend the live events, the recordings will be available for on-demand viewing afterward.

You can register now to reserve your seat for the July 10 webinar. Registration will open shortly for the second event, and we’ll let you know here on the blog when it does.

Cannabis CE webinar available on demand

Meanwhile, we’ve added another on-demand webinar to AVMA Axon. In Cannabis Use by Staff: Laws, Risks and Realities,” you’ll learn about the laws, risks, and practical realities associated with clinic employees’ use of cannabis. Attorney Laura Lapidus, management liability risk control director at CNA Insurance, covers federal and state marijuana regulations, current case law, employers’ rights and obligations, and employees’ rights in the workplace when using marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. This is one of several cannabis courses available on AVMA Axon. Check them all out in the Policy and Practice course catalog.


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