We listened: 2016 AVMA economics reports now free for members

Published on February 02, 2016
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Next month brings the launch of our 2016 AVMA economics report series, and we’re pleased to let you know that, after we received significant member interest and feedback, the reports will now be free to AVMA members. This year we will be producing four issues with the same quality of content you’ve come to expect. The reports will focus on the market for veterinarians, the market for veterinary services, the market for veterinary education and the veterinary markets in general.
AVMA Veterinary Economics

The 2016 AVMA Report on Veterinary Markets will highlight some of the key data and information that was shared during the 2015 AVMA Economic Summit. The reports on the market for veterinary education, the market for veterinarians and the market for veterinary services will dive much deeper into specifics, including information related to debt and income, employment and veterinary capacity.

The reports provide the most current and vitally important veterinary economics information to veterinarians and others with a stake in the veterinary profession’s success. Prepared by the economists in the AVMA’s Veterinary Economics Division, the reports include the research performed by division staff as well as research from more than a dozen outside sources. The reports explore the many facets of veterinary economics and will help veterinarians better understand the markets they operate in and the factors that affect their livelihood. They are must-reads for anyone invested in the profession. We’ll keep you posted as the publication dates for the 2016 reports draw nearer.


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