Video proceedings from Huma​ne Endings Symposium free to AVMA members

Published on September 24, 2015
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Since first publishing the AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia in 1963, the AVMA has become the internationally recognized source for scientifically robust and ethically responsible guidance on humanely ending the lives of animals when necessary. The euthanasia guidelines, updated most recently in 2013, reflect the collective recommendations of experts representing multiple disciplines and species. More recently our multi-disciplinary model has been extended into the areas of humane slaughter and depopulation. The AVMA’s recommendations for humane slaughter will be issued later this year, and we recently convened our Panel on Depopulation, which will meet for the first time in December to begin the development of that guidance.

As part of our commitment to ensure that our guidelines are widely understood, continually improved, and broadly implemented, we focused the AVMA’s 2014 animal welfare symposium on this topic. Experts and policy makers from around the world came together for 2 1/2 days of presentations, poster sessions, and networking that provided a comprehensive look at existing best practices, featured recent research findings, and provided experts in the field with an opportunity to communicate easily and intensively with their colleagues, both familiar and new. The scientific information presented during the event, as well as practical experiences shared during its conversations, will be used to continue to improve the quality of the AVMA guidance documents moving forward.

Meanwhile, the AVMA is committed to making this information more accessible, especially to AVMA members whose support and involvement makes this important work possible. Toward that goal, we’re pleased to announce that complete audiovisual proceedings of the symposium are now available online with access at no cost for all AVMA members, as well as everyone who attended the November 2014 symposium.

The audiovisual proceedings include, in their entirety, 65 informative lectures. Along with general lectures, information was presented in three species-specific tracks as follows:

  • Companion, Exotic, Zoo and Wild Animals
  • Laboratory and Aquatic Animals
  • Food Animals and Equids

We recognize that protecting animals’ welfare is everyone’s responsibility. Accordingly, non-AVMA member veterinarians, as well as others who are involved in ensuring humane endings for animals, can now access these proceedings in their entirety for $125.

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