Veterinary practices should be designated essential businesses

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World map highlights countries with positive COVID-19 results.

As states grapple to confront COVID-19, AVMA is asking authorities to recognize veterinary practices as essential businesses, and ensure that veterinary teams have access to needed medical supplies.  

In a statement issued today, the AVMA urged that veterinary practices be designated “essential businesses” in cases where non-essential retail facilities are asked to close or repurpose personal protective equipment (PPE) due to COVID-19. 

Veterinary teams provide essential animal care, play a critical role in protecting the health of animals that enter the food supply, and serve as trusted members of the local community in disaster situations. The AVMA’s statement enumerated the many essential services that veterinary teams provide, and urged lawmakers and state executives to ensure we can continue to serve our communities.

Find the full statement on AVMA’s COVID-19 webpage, along with a wide range of other resources for veterinarians and animal owners.


Wynter Callison DVM
March 18, 2020 Permalink

Please encourage our…

Please encourage our legislators to recognize and include hospitals that employ less than 50 people as eligible for assistance. We are just as valuable in maintaining the public health as larger facilities. A complete lack of support will devastate small hospitals especially in rural areas. Your consideration is appreciated. Wynter Callison DVM

RE: Please encourage our...

Thank you for reaching out, Dr. Callison. The AVMA is actively advocating in Congress on behalf of small veterinary practices. The President signed the legislation Congress sent to him yesterday, and the Congress has already turned to the next stimulus package. We are actively seeking measures to provide relief for small business. The legislative activity is very fluid, but please know we are working hard on your behalf. The ongoing viability of veterinary small businesses is essential.

Please make veterinarians an…

Please make veterinarians an essential business. They are needed to care for our beloved pets. We need our pets to stay healthy and happy especially during this time. Some people have only their pets. People need prescription food, insulin and other medicine required for the health of their pets as well as vaccines to keep them healthy.

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