Veterinary-focused tools help boost your practice’s online presence

Published on August 16, 2016
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Partners for Healthy PetsIf only you had a dollar for every time you were asked to confirm a diagnosis made by “Dr. Google,” you could pay off your educational debt in record time.

In the Internet Age, it’s easy for your clients to find information; but it’s also easy for them to find misinformation that could harm their pets. Your best clients are the ones who educate themselves using reputable resources and come to you when they have questions. How can you reach them, as well as potential clients, to help them get the best information and better recognize your expertise and value in protecting their pets’ health and well-being?

The Partners for Healthy Pets internet and social media marketing module guides veterinary practices through the process of establishing and maintaining an online presence, including social media. It starts with developing a message that represents your practice and resonates with clients. Using that message as a foundation, you can then establish a website that showcases your practice, attracts clients and gets you ‘on the map’ for search engines. The module provides advice on developing a social media presence that engages with your audiences and augments your practice website. (Remember, the AVMA’s social media feeds can be a great source of content for your own.) Last, but certainly not least, the module provides an introduction to monitoring your online reputation.

If you’re participating in the PHP’s free preventive healthcare certificate program, these materials make up one section of the program, and completing this step keeps you on track to earn your certificate. Partners for Healthy Pets also has additional resources to help your practice, such as the forward-booking tool and the Opportunity Survey.

Partners for Healthy Pets was created to ensure pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular veterinary visits. Led by the AVMA and AAHA, it is a collaborative alliance of more than 100 veterinary associations, colleges of veterinary medicine and animal health companies all committed to a vision of improved overall health for pets. We’re proud of our support for Partners for Healthy Pets and encourage you to make full use of their veterinary practice tools.

AVMA tools for social media and reputation management

The AVMA also has great resources to help you manage your online presence and protect your reputation on the Internet.

Whether you’re new to social media or a long-time user looking to improve your veterinary clinic’s social presence, Social Media 101 for Veterinary Clinics will help you get the most out of social media marketing. From deciding whether to use social media or what social networks are worthwhile, to setting up community guidelines, creating content and analyzing the results, this guide – available exclusively to AVMA members – will help step you through the process. It includes a template to help you write community guidelines, tips for creating engaging content (and how frequently to post), ideas and best practices for marketing your social feeds, and much more.

AVMA members also can turn to the Online Reputation Management and Cyberbullying guide for help avoiding – and responding to – the negative aspects of social media, from bad reviews to cyberbullying. We know that veterinarians, like other small business owners and professional service providers, are at risk of coming under attack in cyberspace; these resources help you improve your monitoring and know when and how to respond.


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