Veterinarians succeed in federal and state elections

Published on November 20, 2020
Protect. Promote. Advance.

Eleven veterinarians were elected to federal and state offices around the nation on November 3. They’ll bring a unique veterinary perspective as they craft public policy.

Securing seats at the table for veterinarians during the legislative process at both the state and national levels is important for AVMA and state veterinary associations’ advocacy work. Veterinarians in public office help ensure the profession’s perspective is heard and represented in government.

At the national level, Dr. Kurt Schrader, a longtime congressional champion on veterinary issues, won re-election on November 3 for another two-year term representing Oregon’s 5th district in Congress. This will be his seventh term. 

Rep. Schrader will be a valuable ally as AVMA continues to advocate for a fully coordinated One Health approach to policy-making, legislation to alleviate the heavy burden of student debt, and other federal laws and policies that support veterinary medicine and our profession.  

“Since coming to Congress in 2008, I have been a proud advocate for our four-legged-friends and the veterinarians that care for them,” said Rep. Schrader. “I have chaired the Veterinary Medicine Caucus for many years and plan to continue serving in that capacity.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report states that 75 percent of new and emerging diseases are initially spread by animals, as we have seen with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Veterinarians are uniquely trained and equipped to spot emerging disease strains, and a more streamlined approach to reporting new infectious threats would surely have a lifesaving result,” he added.

The following veterinarians will serve as state representatives, ensuring that the veterinary profession has strong advocates around the country:

  • Dr. Karen McCormick, Colorado State Assembly 
  • Dr. Ron Highland, Kansas House of Representatives 
  • Dr. Bill Rabon, North Carolina Senate 
  • Dr. Charles “Doc” Anderson, Texas House of Representatives 
  • Dr. Brad Buckley, Texas House of Representatives 
  • Dr. Lynn Stucky, Texas House of Representatives 
  • Dr. Glenn Rogers, Texas House of Representatives
  • Dr. John Bartholomew, Vermont House of Representatives 
  • Dr. Joel Kitchens, Wisconsin State Assembly 
  • Dr. Eric Barlow, Wyoming House of Representatives 

As a nonpartisan organization, the AVMA works with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents on issues impacting the veterinary profession and animal health and welfare across the country. 


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