Veterinarians in the news: Advancing the profession one story at a time

Published on November 16, 2016
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[caption id="attachment_15877" align="alignright" width="300"]Dr. Meyer Interview AVMA President Dr. Tom Meyer is interviewed by an Associated Press reporter for a story about acupuncture for pets.[/caption]

Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine and come across an article mentioning the AVMA? Or tuned into CNN or a local newscast and seen the AVMA logo or an AVMA representative featured in a report?

Perhaps you saw us included in a story on cancer treatments for pets, or feline panleukopenia, or making homes safe for pets, or canine distemper, or the threat of suicide in the veterinary profession,

These mentions don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of hard work by AVMA staff to make sure that reporters and editors understand the important role of veterinarians in protecting animal and public health, and include us when planning stories relevant to veterinary medicine.

At the same time that reporters for JAVMA are researching and writing news articles to inform veterinary professionals, the AVMA’s media relations staff is connecting news outlets across the country with AVMA members who have expert knowledge to contribute on topics of animal health and veterinary medicine. Every day, the AVMA Media Relations Department writes and distributes press releases, responds to requests from writers and producers, and ensures that the AVMA and its members have a voice in local and national media.

Recently, a reporter from The Associated Press visited AVMA headquarters to speak with our president, Dr. Tom Meyer, for a story about acupuncture for pets. The final article was released this week and is airing on multiple news stations across the country. Another recent effort resulted in the New York Times interviewing AVMA Past President Dr. Joe Kinnarney for a story on kissing your pets.

Trusted voices of the veterinary profession

These are just two examples of the AVMA and our members serving as the reliable, trusted voice of the profession, promoting the veterinarian’s role in ensuring animal health and well-being while highlighting the great work veterinarians are doing every day. Here are some other examples:

Would you like to be part of this effort? If you’re an AVMA member, have had media training and are interested in being contacted to take part in media interviews, please email our mediaatavma [dot] org (media relations team).

AVMA members’ voices guide our work to protect, promote and advance veterinarians and veterinary medicine. Learn more about the many others ways in which the AVMA works to support the veterinary profession and help veterinarians in their day-to-day lives.