USP to develop compounding standards with veterinary collaboration

Published on May 22, 2020
AVMA: Protecting, promoting, and advancing veterinary compounding needs

At its 2020 convention earlier this month, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) voted to develop and revise compounding standards based on input from healthcare professionals, including veterinarians. The decision, to approve Resolution 9—Compounding, was made in response to requests from the AVMA and additional stakeholders.

Resolution 9—Compounding

“USP will continue to collaborate with stakeholders on standards to help ensure the quality of compounded drug preparations. New and revised standards for compounding, including beyond-use dates, will be developed based on data, scientific evidence, and input from recognized healthcare professionals and state and federal regulators.” 

The white paper accompanying the resolution specifically identified veterinary medicine as an area for which additional support was needed. “Through stakeholder engagement, USP has learned of the request for standards specific to veterinary practitioners, who treat a range of species and practice in varied settings and environments,” according to the white paper.

The AVMA has worked tirelessly for several years to communicate to the USP that the veterinary profession is inherently different from human healthcare, and veterinary professionals need pharmaceutical standards appropriate to the practice of veterinary medicine. In March, the USP agreed to consider our request to develop veterinary-specific compounding standards. The passage of resolution 9 is another step toward supporting the needs of the veterinary profession.

Also at the convention, the USP selected Brenda Jensen, CPhT, CNMT, MBA, as chair of the USP Compounding Expert Committee.

We look forward to continued collaboration with USP as pharmaceutical standards applicable to veterinary medicine are developed with veterinary involvement. 

AVMA seeks FDA commenting extension on compounding guidance

On Wednesday (May 20), the AVMA asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine to extend the comment period for its draft guidance on compounding animal drugs from bulk drug substances.

AVMA’s letter noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the AVMA from gathering member input on the proposal as we normally would. We have requested a deadline extension of at least 120 days. Comments currently are due to the FDA on June 17.

Advancing the profession with compounding resources

The AVMA provides a range of resources that help veterinarians understand the fine points of prescribing and using compounded medications. Understand the rules that apply to compounding, get answers to common questions, and find definitions and AVMA policies related to compounding at


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