Updated client flyer helps you protect pets from Halloween risks

Published on October 16, 2015
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Halloween Pet Safety FlyerAs veterinarians we know that Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets. That's why we start talking with clients in advance about the risks of candy and parties and all of the other spooky-fun traditions.

To help AVMA members get these conversations started, we’ve just updated our Halloween safety handout. This is a downloadable flyer – available only to AVMA members – that you can print out and use with clients at no cost; it’s a benefit of your membership in the AVMA. You can hand it out during exams, place copies on your reception desk for people to take home, or post copies on your waiting room and exam room walls.

The flyer points out the risks associated with Halloween festivities – things like pets getting hold of poisonous foods, ingesting foreign objects, being frightened by trick-or-treaters, or having their vision or movement obstructed by cute costumes. Equally important, it provides guidance for keeping pets safe. The flyer also includes the ASPCA’s Poison Hotline number – 1-888-426-4435 – and a link to our Halloween safety tips for pet owners, at avma.org/Halloween.

We’ve left space for you to add your own clinic logo and contact information to the flyer if you’d like to customize it for your clinic. If you’re looking for other materials to share with clients in advance of Halloween, check out our Halloween safety page; it has a Halloween video that you can easily share from our YouTube channel, as well as a podcast on the same subject.

The new Halloween flyer is just one of many client-ready handouts available on the AVMA website for members to download and use free of charge. These cover a wide range of subjects, from prescription drugs to cold weather to canine influenza. If you’re not already aware of these resources, be sure to take a look to see what’s available to you.

Meanwhile, stay safe during this spooky season. Working together, the AVMA and our member veterinarians can help pet owners protect their beloved furry friends, and ensure that everyone has a more enjoyable holiday.


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