Top 10 2015 AVMA member interests

Published on December 28, 2015
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When you click the links in the AVMA@Work newsletter, you tell us what’s important to you. Below are the Top 10 member interests in 2015, based on your clicks. Each item below is a representative sample of the content we produced related to that topic or item.

1) Economics and AVMA’s economic reports: By far and away, the runaway winner for member interest, confirming that economics and practice viability are top-of-mind issues for our members. Look for more resources in 2016, including some noticeable changes in the economic reports.

wellness_stones_blog2) Wellness: Second only to economics, personal wellness remains a top concern for our members. This year, we launched new personal wellness resources (developed with guidance from the Future Leaders class of 2014-2015, with forthcoming additions from the Future Leaders class of 2015-2016).Protecting access to critical drugs

3) Veterinary Compounding: your clicks, comments and submitted emails confirmed that protecting veterinary access to responsibly compounded drugs is critical.

4) The case of a veterinarian killing a cat with a bow and arrow: The incident went viral on social media, sparking public and professional outrage. The trial regarding revocation of the veterinarian’s license will likely take place in early 2016.

5) The Fairness to Pet Owners Act: This solution-looking-for-a-problem piece of legislation continues to threaten burdensome and redundant paperwork. We’ll continue to actively advocate against this bill in 2016, and we’ll need your help.

6) New brand; new direction for AVMA: our members caught some of the first glimpses of our new brand and our new logo, signaling changes in our strategy and operations. In the year to come, you’ll see more evidence of how we’ve changed in response to member feedback.

VetResources-Pet-Dental-Health7) National Pet Dental Health Month: In February 2015, you clicked to get our free pet dental health resources. For 2016, we’ve got even more members-only resources to help you promote pet dental health and your practice.

8) Pregnancy resources for veterinarians: A reflection of the changing demographics of the profession, perhaps?

9) Delegates reject COE resolutions: Accreditation as a whole generated a lot of interest this past year, and the House of Delegates’ actions regarding four COE-related resolutions was highly clicked. For more information about the COE and accreditation, view the Education and Student Matters blog posts.

10) Gonadectomy in dogs: members checked out our new resources about this topic, which included a video of a roundtable discussion and with ability to earn continuing education credits. You can look forward to more on this topic in 2016.


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