Telehealth: Talk like a pro with this new flyer

Published on March 16, 2021
Someone takes a video call with a veterinarian via their computer. A cat sits on their lap.

When we talk about telehealth in veterinary medicine, we use a multitude of terms to describe services. Keeping track of them all is important to ensure clarity and understanding. A new AVMA flyer makes it easy to do just that.

Download and share the free Talking about Telehealth flyer so your whole veterinary team will understand what key terms mean, how they differ, and what services they encompass. For example: Telehealth is the overarching term that encompasses all uses of technology to deliver health information, education, and care remotely. The flyer includes definitions of telehealth, teleadvice, teletriage, telemedicine, teleconsulting, telemonitoring, ePrescribing/eVFD, and tele-education. It also includes examples illustrating how each applies in daily practice.

Hang the flyer in the back office, distribute it to team members, and keep it easily accessible for all, to ensure the whole team is on the same page when using the telehealth lexicon.

More telehealth resources

The flyer is a companion piece to AVMA’s Guidelines for the Use of Telehealth in Veterinary Practice – a practical handbook to help veterinarians implement and optimize connected care.

The guidelines consolidate examples of practice workflow; technological and workspace considerations; advice to effectively engage the practice team and clients; marketing and pricing strategies; and information about federal and state regulations and legal considerations, such as the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR).

AVMA also worked jointly with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to create supplemental guidelines specific to companion animal hospitals. The AVMA/AAHA Joint Guidelines for Small-Animal Practice are designed for use in conjunction with the AVMA’s telehealth guidelines.

The new flyer and guidelines are all available for free download along with AVMA’s other telehealth tools in our telehealth resource center.

Don’t miss: Live telehealth chat on March 30

There’s still time to reserve your seat for a live virtual discussion about telehealth with AVMA’s president, Dr. Douglas Kratt. AVMA Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Gail Golab will join Dr. Kratt and share tips and ideas about using telehealth to enhance the client-practice bond, improve compliance and patient health, utilize all team members’ training and skills, and support work-life balance.

All members of the veterinary community are invited to join this free conversation on Tuesday, March 30 at noon Central Time, on AVMA Axon. Reserve your seat here.


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