Telehealth case studies let you learn from your peers

Published on July 25, 2018

Take on Telemedicine with AVMA GuidanceDo you have clients who need to bring their animals in more often to follow up on medical issues or for post-surgical follow-up exams, but struggle to fit veterinary visits into their busy schedules?

How about clients with pets in hospice care where more frequent monitoring is needed, but travel from home to the clinic can create extra stress for both pet and client?

When Dr. Brian Evans’ healthcare team at Coastal Animal Hospital in Encinitas, Calif., recognized they had clients who fit that bill – clients who genuinely wanted the best possible healthcare for their pets but couldn’t always manage a visit to the hospital – they turned to technology for help. They started offering remote consults in some cases to complement patients’ in-person exams.

University Veterinary Specialists near Pittsburgh faced a different kind of challenge. They had more clients seeking oncology consultations than their specialist’s part-time schedule in the clinic could accommodate.  They, too, turned to technology to bring their primary-care veterinarians and patients together with the oncologist for video consults – effectively expanding their specialists’ availability for appointments.

Increasingly, our veterinary colleagues are finding that telemedicine provides creative solutions that improve patient care and strengthen relationships with clients. Now, as AVMA members, you can read their stories, find inspiration, and borrow ideas to meet your own practice’s goals.

We’ve added a library of case studies to the AVMA Telehealth Resource Center that show a variety of ways in which telemedicine has helped solved real challenges for veterinarians across the country. They include examples from both large-animal and small-animal practice, as well as industry. And they demonstrate how telemedicine can expand access to care, improve client communication and compliance, and make a difference in the lives of patients, clients and veterinary teams.

Whether you’ve never before heard of telemedicine or have been using it for years, we think you’ll find inspiration here. Why start from scratch when you can learn from your colleagues' experience?

Check out the telehealth case studies here, along with the many other resources in the AVMA Telehealth Resource Center. We’re continuing to add new case studies, so if you have a story you think would provide a good example to your colleagues, please telehealthatavma [dot] org (send us an email) to let us know.


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