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Published on May 24, 2017

Practice profitability CE at AVMA Convention 2017

Practice-Profitability-Blog-0517-300x300Are you looking to take your veterinary practice to the next level? Are you looking for ways to improve your workplace? Do you want to know what to expect from the economy? If so, then AVMA’s Practice Profitability continuing education (CE) sessions are the perfect opportunity.

What is the AVMA Practice Profitability curriculum?

AVMA’s Practice Profitability curriculum is a series of interactive, experiential learning sessions especially geared toward veterinary practice owners and practice managers. At AVMA Convention 2017 in July, the practice profitability CE will be offered at two levels in order for practice owners, practice managers and associate veterinarians to learn about a wide variety of topics, from finance and economics to strategies and operations.

The sessions offered in Level 1 of the Practice Profitability Core curriculum include basic financial and economic principles, strategies for building client relationships and improving staff functions, and workplace operations that support successful practice management. Sessions in Level 2 build on that curriculum and add a heavy emphasis on strategies and implementation, including hands-on exercises and specific methods to achieve your practice’s goals. It is recommended that attendees of Level 2 sessions have previously completed the Level 1 Core curriculum and/or are comfortable with Level 1 subject matter.

All of these sessions are open to any AVMA Convention attendee, but there also is an exclusive opportunity for two-person teams of practice owners and practice managers to join our Practice Profitability Program, which supports you in implementing what you learn after you return home.

Participate as a practice team

The AVMA is looking for a limited number of practice teams—consisting of one practice manager, plus one practice owner or associate veterinarian—to attend these AVMA Convention sessions together and participate in the Practice Profitability Program as part of a working group of professionals. Participating teams may be eligible for a reduced registration option, and also will benefit from a series of expert follow-up consultations that apply directly to your practice.

Practices interested in participating in this unique program should contact avmaeconatavma [dot] org to receive more information and complete a short application. Teams that already have completed the Practice Profitability Level 1 curriculum are encouraged to inquire about participating in a Level 2 working group focused on strategy-based curriculum and other advanced learning opportunities.

If you have questions about joining AVMA’s Practice Profitability Program or attending Practice Profitability Core sessions, email them to avmaeconatavma [dot] org.

Register now for AVMA Convention 2017

The advance registration deadline is quickly approaching. Attendees can save up to $100 on registration for AVMA Convention 2017 if you register before May 31! This year’s conference will take place July 21-25 in Indianapolis.

Anyone interested in signing up for the Practice Profitability Program as a practice team should contact avmaeconatavma [dot] org before registering for Convention.  If your practice team already has registered for Convention, include that information when you submit your Practice Profitability Program application.

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