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Are you someone who likes to educate or entertain yourself with podcasts while going about your day? If so, be sure to check out the AVMA journals’ new podcast series.

Veterinary Vertex is a weekly podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the clinical and research discoveries published in JAVMA and AJVR. Tune in to learn about cutting-edge veterinary research and gain in-depth insights you won’t find anywhere else. Come away with knowledge you can put to use in your own practice – along with a healthy dose of inspiration to remind you what you love about veterinary medicine. 

What’s Veterinary Vertex all about?

Each week, the journals’ editors talk with the author or authors of a topical manuscript published recently in JAVMA or AJVR. Join them as they learn more about the authors’ clinical and research discoveries, as well as personal successes that have helped bring each author to their current career prowess.

For example: The first Veterinary Vertex episode, released Tuesday, offers a wide-ranging conversation with veterinary oncologist Dr. Nicole P. Ehrhart, one of the authors of “Regenerative medicine 2.0: Extracellular vesicle–based therapeutics for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration.” 

Dr. Ehrhart talks about translational and regenerative medicine, including how she discovered her passion for this field of inquiry through an unplanned volunteer experience early in her career. She also shares details of how she came to drive the process to implement surveillance testing for COVID-19 in her state of Colorado.

Like the first episode, several other upcoming podcasts will focus on subjects related to One Health. Topics include how aging affects pets and their owners, and artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine, among others.

The 20-minute Veterinary Vertex podcasts make great on-the-go listening for busy veterinarians and team members. They entertain while also helping you stay abreast of cutting-edge veterinary research that has practical implications in your daily work.

Find Veterinary Vertex on a variety of platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

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