Scholarships available to attend Veterinary Leadership Conference 2017

Published on October 03, 2016
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Grow and network with your veterinary peers

AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference January 12-14, 2017Dr. Kari Moore was six months out of veterinary school in 2015, and really starting to feel the challenges.

"I had graduated just over six months ago, and had hit a point in my early career where the excitement had partially worn off, and the psychological implications of the job were starting to take over," she said. "My confidence was beginning to waver more often, and my personal time off was affected with nagging doubts and worry."

Then she heard about an educational and networking opportunity that seemed to offer a boost she needed. Dr. Moore applied for – and received – a scholarship to attend the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC) as an emerging veterinary leader. There, she met veterinary colleagues from diverse backgrounds, learned alongside them during educational sessions, and talked with and learned from them during networking events and other activities.

“The VLC happened at just the right time for me, both personally and professionally,” Dr. Moore said afterward. “Not only did I learn some great coping skills while I was at the conference, but I heard from plenty of veterinarians, at all stages of their career, who all had similar struggles."

She left the winter conference with a new outlook: "Simply being surrounded by like-minded professionals with true appreciation for leading and improving our field was inspiring. The VLC left me feeling re-energized and hopeful about the future of our profession.”

Apply now for a scholarship to attend VLC

Dr. Moore was one of 10 veterinarians who had the chance to attend the 2016 Veterinary Leadership Conference as part of an annual scholarship program funded through a partnership between the AVMA and Zoetis. The 2017 Veterinary Leadership Conference will be held January 12-14, 2017, and applications are now being accepted for veterinarians who might like to follow in Dr. Moore’s footsteps.

The VLC scholarship program offers 10 stipends in the amount of $1,000 each for AVMA members interested in developing their leadership potential at the VLC. To qualify for the scholarships, applicants must be AVMA members who fall into at least one of these categories:

  • Emerging Leader – Individual who graduated from veterinary school within the past 15 years.
  • Under-represented in Veterinary Leadership – Veterinarian from a demographic, geographic, or socioeconomic group or practice type that is underrepresented in U.S. veterinary leadership

The application deadline is November 16, 2016. Scholarship recipients will be selected and notified by December 1, 2016.

Networking, education and CE

The Veterinary Leadership Conference is the perfect place for veterinarians to explore and cultivate leadership and team-building skills, as well as meet and network with a diverse group of colleagues. Attendees include AVMA leaders (such as officers and members of the Board of Directors and House of Delegates); staff and volunteer leaders from state veterinary medical associations; early-career veterinarians seeking deeper involvement with veterinary professional organizations; veterinary student leaders; and others with an interest in veterinary advocacy and leadership.

The meeting  offers three days of networking and workshop opportunities designed specifically for veterinarians and other veterinary professionals. Leadership sessions and networking opportunities provide a foundation for veterinary professionals who want to contribute to and shape the veterinary profession, and develop skills that can be used in other professional and personal pursuits. Attendees can receive continuing education credit for attending selected sessions.

Veterinary students: A new opportunity

New in 2017, the AVMA also is able to invite one veterinary student from each college represented in the SAVMA House of Delegates to attend the Veterinary Leadership Conference. While students will need to fund their own registration fee ($340), the AVMA will reimburse their airfare/mileage and up to three nights shared hotel room and tax. Student applications are due no later than October 15 and must be submitted online through the Student AVMA.


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