The results are in: There is a proven, effective way to bring clients back to your veterinary practice

Published on April 03, 2017
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Partners for Healthy PetsWe all know how difficult it can be to keep clients coming to the clinic for regular veterinary care. The good news is that a free program offered by Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) has proven to be effective in getting inactive clients back to the veterinarian's office, where pets can be provided the health care they need and deserve.

Data collected to measure the success of the PHP’s inactive client reminder program show how effective it can be. Within six months of sending a reminder message, the 1,612 practices that used the PHP program saw the following results:

  • On average, each clinic generated 128 patient visits from clients who had been deemed inactive.
  • Overall, 8.5 percent of all inactive clients who received the reminder messages responded by bringing their pets in for a veterinary appointment, a response rate that is considered high by industry standards.
  • Response rates were particularly high among senior pet owners; 45% of responding patients in the study were dogs and cats 7 years old or older.
  • Response rates among cat owners were slightly higher than among dog owners.
  • All of the pets whose owners responded to the reminder are now receiving essential preventive health care.

The results of the program are published in a white paper on the Partners for Healthy Pets website. The white paper also will appear in the April issue of Trends, a publication of the American Animal Hospital Association.

The AVMA is a founding member of the Partners for Healthy Pets and is committed to its mission of ensuring that pets receive the preventive health care they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian.  The program's unique, empathetic messaging resonates with pet owners by tapping into the bond between pets and their owners, as well as the special veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

Your veterinary clinic can begin using the tools available through the inactive client reminder program free of charge through the Partners for Healthy Pets website.


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