Provide your input before January’s HOD meeting and Veterinary Information Forum

Published on December 29, 2016
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MemberCommentsBubble300The AVMA House of Delegates is preparing for its January meeting and looking to members for input on the issues it will consider.

Among the agenda items for the January 13-14 meeting is the HOD's second Veterinary Information Forum, an open discussion in which House members address high-profile issues of significant importance to AVMA’s member veterinarians. The topics to be discussed at the January forum are:

  • Unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine
  • Transparency in veterinarians’ acceptance of sponsorships, rebates, equipment and free goods
  • Telemedicine

The Veterinary Information Forum allows an opportunity for discussion and consideration of issues brought forth by the delegates and their constituents. Topics are chosen with input from AVMA members, and the forum provides for sharing ideas and rapid response to issues if needed. For example, a discussion of cyberbullying during the first Veterinary Information Forum, in August, resulted in a request that the AVMA Board of Directors elevate cyberbullying on its list of priorities. The AVMA has since partnered with a professional crisis management firm to offer a 24/7 cyberbullying hotline for members, along with discounts on professional services and reputation monitoring.

House members recently reached out to their constituents by email to encourage input on the topics to be considered during January’s Veterinary Information Forum, as well as the other matters to be considered during the HOD meeting. These include, among other items:

We encourage all AVMA members to take a few minutes to review all of the issues on the HOD agenda and contact the delegates who represent you in the HOD to share your thoughts on these issues before the meeting.

The January meeting of the HOD will take place during the AVMA's Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago.


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