Preventing sexual harassment: New webinar, other tools

Published on June 30, 2021

Eliminating workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, benefits everyone across veterinary medicine – from individual team members to practices, students to seasoned professionals. New tools from the AVMA and AVMA Trust can help the veterinary community better understand and prevent harassment in all forms.

Sexual harassment remains a persistent and often unreported problem across many professions, including within veterinary medicine. When someone engages in sexual misconduct, they extract a steep cost from those they harass. The wellbeing of our veterinary colleagues depends on us working to address this issue. Beyond that, harassment also leads to decreased productivity, increased turnover, and reputational harm for the workplace itself.

We can’t expect harassment to stop on its own—but we can all work to combat it. A new AVMA Axon training webinar and AVMA resource page are tools that any veterinary professional can lean on to play a part.

Sexual harassment prevention training: Illinois

The new, on-demand webinar meets all of the legal requirements for sexual harassment prevention training in Illinois, the only state that requires all employers to provide this training on an annual basis. Developed jointly by the AVMA and AVMA Trust, the webinar helps veterinary professionals understand the importance of such training, implications of sexual harassment in the workplace, and employer responsibilities.

Any veterinary professional can gain valuable knowledge from this new webinar, although it is designed specifically to meet Illinois requirements. In addition to the Illinois training requirement for all employers and employees, veterinarians and all others licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation whose license renewal includes continuing education (CE) requirements are mandated to complete 1 hour of CE on the topic of sexual harassment prevention.

For veterinary professionals outside Illinois, AVMA and the AVMA Trust also are developing a broader sexual harassment prevention webinar. Stay tuned for its launch later this year.

More sexual harassment prevention resources

In addition to the new webinar, you can turn to a new AVMA webpage to find sexual harassment prevention resources. These include training programs, workplace tips for a safe and inclusive environment, and information about the scope of harassment in the veterinary profession.

Every member of the veterinary profession can play a role in putting an end to unacceptable workplace behavior. These new AVMA resources and information can help us all play an active role in ending workplace harassment.

Get started right away:

For more resources and information, visit the AVMA webpage on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.


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