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President's column - Dr. Lori Teller


She works hard for the money
So hard for it, honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right
-Donna Summer, “She Works Hard for the Money”


Do you ever feel like you’re working hard and not getting anywhere? Or that you and your staff could improve your practice culture? I know I’ve felt these things at times.

There are so many questions circulating about the current economic state of the veterinary profession, our workforce issues and wellbeing, and the increased demand for services during the pandemic. 

Something that has always helped me better understand and address these issues is attending the AVMA Veterinary Business and Economic Forum. If you want to make some sense of our workforce challenges, such as technician and staff shortages, the status of veterinary full-time equivalents, or an erosion in practice wellbeing, then join me for our 10th forum that will be held virtually next week, October 24-25. I can’t wait!

Meet the keynote speakers

One of our keynote speakers will be Dana Peterson, chief economist at The Conference Board. She will provide information on the current economic climate, actions to take for long-term success, and how to be strategic in the face of economic uncertainty, including our current inflationary times and the potential of a recession. 

Our second keynote speaker is Liz Fosslien, head of communications at Humu. She will tackle some of our issues regarding burnout by exploring how to build a culture of belonging and demonstrating how to harness emotions to build trust, navigate different workstyles, and establish healthy norms within your organization.   

Other topics that will be covered include consumer trends and attitudes, and what’s changing; harnessing behavioral economics to grow veterinary practices; how to prepare for fluctuations as a result of the economy; and ways to mobilize your veterinary technicians and support staff. The AVMA economics team and invited experts will share well-researched data to help you make the right decisions for your business and your future. 

There’s something for everyone

Who should attend? Practice owners and hospital directors wanting to harness behavioral insights to inform business decisions; industry executives seeking the latest data on supply and demand of veterinary services; leaders of state and allied associations and specialty organizations interested in economic sustainability of the profession; and academic leaders looking to understand trends in veterinary education. 

I hope to “see” y’all there! For more information and to register, visit


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