Policies up for review: Your input needed

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AVMA policies open for review

The AVMA’s work is powered by our 95,000-plus members, and that includes the development and review of all AVMA professional policy.

The regular review process for eight policies is getting underway now, and the volunteer groups that conduct the reviews are looking to all AVMA members for input and guidance. They’re looking for your feedback and comments to inform the review of each policy.

As an AVMA member, you can see a commenting form on every professional policy after signing into avma.org. We encourage you to review each policy and use the comment form to let us know your thoughts. Do you think updates should be made to the policy? Are there any issues that should be addressed but aren’t? Do you believe the policy is needed?

Commenting is open 24/7/365 on all policies, and is particularly timely when a policy is under review. That process has just begun for these policies:

As the driving force behind everything the AVMA does, your input on these policies is valued by all of the volunteer leaders involved in the review. Contribute your insight and advice to help the AVMA continue advancing veterinary medicine.


free-ranging cats

Hello. I am writing with regards to rumors that there are efforts to remove euthanasia as an option for managing free-ranging cats. This would be a mistake. Euthanasia could be needed for public health, environmental, or other reasons, including where cat colony provision of support by humans is not sustained (such as during a pandemic or other emergency). Inclusion of euthanasia as a viable management option will provide managers with the political and legal "cover" needed when euthanasia is the most humane management option.

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