Podcasts celebrate Pride Month from a veterinary perspective

Published on June 22, 2020
People celebrate together at a Pride Month parade

AVMA represents and supports a diverse community of veterinarians with unique perspectives, and works to reduce barriers and embrace the value of every individual. June is Pride Month, and two new My Veterinary Life podcasts explore LGBTQ+ themes through conversations with veterinarians and veterinary students.

Join the celebration by listening to these specially released episodes.

  • Focusing on Pride Month – Two members of Pride Veterinary Medical Community (Pride VMC)  share their experiences as part of both the LBGTQ+ and veterinary communities. Dr. Dane Whitaker and Dr. Abby McElroy cover everything from pronouns and why they are important to the history of PrideVMC and what Pride Month celebrations look like this year.
  • Visibility and Pride Month from a student perspective – Alex Dhom, a third-year veterinary student at University of Georgia, shares his personal experiences and perspective on the importance of visibility in the LBGTQ+ community. Topics include mentorship, joining national organizations, and the importance of community.

AVMA and the podcast hosts thank all three of these special guests for sharing their voices and experiences with us. This is your association, and we're committed to making sure everyone feels welcome, included, and valued in our profession.

Read AVMA’s policy on diversity and inclusion, and use our diversity and inclusion resource page to find materials that support increased equity and a healthy, thriving profession for all.


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