Now in Spanish: Disaster preparedness for pet owners

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Two men sit on a gym floor with their dogs in a disaster evacuation situation

The AVMA’s popular disaster preparedness guide for pet owners, Save the Whole Family, is now available for download in Spanish as well as English.

Salvar a Toda la Familia, like its English-language counterpart, is filled with tips, checklists, and important information to help companion animal owners keep their pets safe in the event of a disaster. 

Both the Spanish- and English-language guides walk owners through the process of making a preparedness plan, being ready to execute that plan, and staying informed before, during, and after an emergency. Among the topics they cover:

  • What to do at the first sign of trouble
  • How to make transportation and housing arrangements
  • What equipment and information to keep on hand
  • How to make an evacuation kit

The guides also include printable resources like emergency contact cards and a pet evacuation checklist. And for owners who might not be with their pets when disaster strikes, there are tips to make sure those pets will be cared for and increase the chances of families being reunited.

Both versions of the booklet are available with a wide range of other disaster preparedness resources for pet owners at

The AVMA also provides a wide range of disaster planning and preparedness tools for veterinary practices, as well as livestock owners. Find them all at

Coming soon

The AVMA also is developing a companion resource for farm animal owners. You can subscribe to this blog to be notified when it becomes available. 


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