New website puts up-and-coming veterinarians on a path to success

Published on August 20, 2018
information-circle This article is more than 3 years old is the go-to resource for students and young professionals

"What’s the best veterinary career path for me?"

"How can I pay off student debt while investing in my future?"

"What can I do to prevent work-related stress from interfering with my personal happiness?"

These are a few of the questions that veterinary students and early-career veterinarians grapple with. With the launch of a new website created by the AVMA,, there’s now a one-stop resource with the answers. provides the tools and resources to support three areas of critical importance to students and early-career veterinarians: career development, financial health, and wellbeing. All of the information is organized based on career stage, so it’s easy to find the most relevant content for your life – whether you’re in veterinary school, in transition from school to the workforce, or already working as a veterinarian in the early stages of your career.

Some of the resources are proven favorites from and other sources – including the AVMA salary calculator and student externship locator, and the ProQOL wellbeing assessment. Others are brand-new tools developed exclusively for the young professional veterinary audience. The purpose is to serve as a one-stop resource for all up-and-coming or soon-to-be veterinarians.

While some of the materials are available only for AVMA members to use, many are not. For example, these seven online learning modules tackle the topic of loan repayment strategies, and are available for anyone to watch. Presented by student loan debt management expert Paul Garrard, they cover everything from federal loan repayment options, to income-driven repayment plans, to the ins and outs of Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Other tools on the site include financial tips for fourth-year veterinary students, a series of webinars exploring different veterinary careers, lessons on financial literacy, and much more.

Healthy, thriving veterinarians are vital to our profession and to the care of the animals we’re committed to protect. will help the next generation of veterinarians succeed and flourish. If you are a veterinary student or a veterinarian in the early years of your career, we encourage you to use this valuable resource and share it with others. It will help set you on a path to financial security, wellbeing, and continuing professional growth.


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