New webinar explores forensic veterinary medicine

Published on July 13, 2017

Veterinary Careers Explore Your OptionsA new webinar exploring the field of forensic medicine as a career option for veterinarians is now available for on-demand viewing on the AVMA Veterinary Career Center.

Forensic Veterinary Medicine: Animal Crime Investigation features Dr. Melinda Merck, owner of Veterinary Forensics Consulting in Austin, Texas, discussing what her work entails and the requirements for finding a job in veterinary forensics. If you think your next calling might be in forensic veterinary medicine, this one-hour webinar provides information that will help guide you.

Learn about:

  • The day-to-day work of a forensic veterinarian
  • How forensic veterinarians assist in the investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty cases
  • The education, skills, and experience needed to enter the field of veterinary forensics
  • Career opportunities in veterinary forensics

Dr. Merck’s broad range of work includes crime scene investigations, exhumation of burial sites, examination of live and deceased victims, and testifying as a veterinary forensics expert.

We thank Dr. Merck for sharing her expertise and encourage you to view the webinar. Be sure also to check out the other on-demand career webinars offered by the AVMA Veterinary Career Center, as well as the AVMA’s resources for veterinarians interested in making a career transition.