New videos explain and demystify pet dental health

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Pet Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

How are you celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month? As sponsor of this annual observance, the AVMA provides a suite of practical tools that make it easy for your veterinary team to spread the word about dental health throughout February. 

This year, we’ve expanded the toolkit with two new videos to educate clients:

  • Home Dental Care for Your Pet explains why dental care is important and shows pet owners how to care for their pets' teeth in between veterinary checkups, including how to make dogs and cats comfortable with tooth brushing as a regular routine.
  • Pet Dental Cleanings: What to Expect takes owners behind the scenes at a veterinary clinic to show what's involved in a dental cleaning and explain why pets have different needs than people when it comes to dental procedures.

Dental health toolkit: Free for AVMA members

The new videos are posted on AVMA’s YouTube channel and linked from the pet dental health toolkit that’s available free of charge to AVMA members. This toolkit provides a wide array of resources that help you promote pet dental health:

  • Downloadable social media images and posts
  • Client materials, including downloadable handouts and brochures in English and Spanish
  • Ready-to-use information for your practice’s newsletter
  • Publicity tools and marketing tips

These AVMA tools simplify client communications and help you get the word out about your practice’s celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month. Don’t miss this opportunity to educate clients about why pets need year-round dental care.

Get toolkit


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