New video library helps AVMA members combat cyberbullies

Published on October 13, 2021
Woman in lab coat working on computer

In a world of social media and online reviews, veterinarians face both opportunities and risks. A new video library created in partnership by the AVMA and AVMA Trust can help you combat cyberbullies and protect your online reputation.

From responding to feedback, to bolstering your online reputation, to preparing for and navigating crises, the videos cover practical topics and provide actionable tips. Infused with the expertise of the reputation experts at Bernstein Crisis Management, they’re available exclusively to AVMA members. The first three videos in the ongoing series address questions about responding to feedback:

  • 5 things to do when you get a bad review
  • 5 things NOT to do when you get a bad review
  • 5 expert tips to help you navigate tough conversations

Watch now

Looking for more information about protecting your personal and professional reputation? We can combat reputational risks by limiting our chances of coming under attack, as well as preventing or minimizing damage when we do. You’ll find more tips, best practices, and practical tools for reputation monitoring, criticism response, cyberbullying resources, and more at

Are you being cyberbullied?

Any AVMA member has access to the AVMA's cyberbullying warmline staffed by crisis management experts at Bernstein Crisis Management. Learn more


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