New specialty college proposed: Veterinary medical education

Published on December 03, 2021
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Your comments sought through February 28, 2022

The AVMA’s American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS) is accepting public comment through February 28, 2022, on a request to recognize a new American College of Veterinary Medical Education as a veterinary specialty organization.

The ABVS, which establishes and oversees standards for recognizing veterinary specialties and specialty organizations, has received a letter of intent from a group wishing to pursue recognition of the new college as an AVMA/ABVS recognized veterinary specialty organization. If recognized, the organization would certify veterinarians as specialists in veterinary medical education.

The letter of intent outlined the proposed college's mission and goals, and the group's reasoning for requesting recognition. 

How to comment

Comments on the proposal must be sent by email no later than February 28, 2022. See instructions for commenting along with the requesting group’s letter of intent. 

The ABVS will consider any comments received in deciding whether to recognize the new college as a veterinary specialty organization. Criteria for recognizing specialty organizations include whether the organization fills a recognizable need and represents a distinct area of specialization in veterinary medicine, and whether a sufficient number of qualified and interested veterinarians exist to warrant its recognition. 



Erin Kelly-Snyder, DVM
December 08, 2021 Permalink

Proposal for Veterinary medical education specialty

I am in support of this specialty but would encourage you to consider Veterinary technician educators eligible for this specialty. As a veterinarian who has taught in a Veterinary technician program for 10 years, I know first hand it take years of experience and professional development to "learn to be a teacher". These skills are not taught in vet school or through clinical experience. I do not have a PhD, nor have I conducted research, but I have put in the work to get where I am. I would be very interested in pursuing this specialty if opened to all fields of Veterinary education.

Sign me up!

Yes, this is an exciting development and I would strongly consider pursuing this advanced credential. Thank you for soliciting comments!

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