New service helps you navigate online review sites

Published on April 26, 2017
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Get a negative review on Yelp? Feel like you’ve been misrepresented on one of the 50+ review sites that are out there?

If so, the AVMA is here to help. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the support and services you and your practice need, we’ve expanded our cyberbullying program through our partnership with Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. Bernstein is now offering Your Review Genius in addition to DVM Reputation Guard, both of which are provided at a significant AVMA member discount.CyberBullying-We-Can-Help-350x350

Members who have already benefited from the services Bernstein offers have indicated that they are very much interested in what’s said about their practices on review sites. Your Review Genius connects you with a Bernstein Crisis Management consultant who will analyze your reviews on a daily basis and zero in on the negative and potentially harmful ones. If you’re given a negative review, Bernstein experts will guide your reaction, whether that means going through the removal process, penning a response that will win over other searchers, or finding other, outside-the-box solutions as you need them.

On the flip side, it’s also important that you gather as many positive reviews as you can, helping create a cushion of goodwill against any negatives that appear for even the best of businesses. Your Review Genius software helps you identify happy clients and guide them to leave positive reviews.

And don’t forget that AVMA members are still entitled to one free 30-minute consultation with the Bernstein team through a 24/7 hotline that assists our member veterinarians and clinics who face social media attacks and cyberbullying. All of this complements the online reputation management resources available to you on our website.

This additional feature of the suite of cyberbullying resources your association provides is just one more example of how we are tailoring programs to meet your needs. As the leading advocate for the entire veterinary profession, your AVMA continues to work hard to develop unique programming and member benefits that help both you and your business thrive and grow.


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