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Published on February 10, 2021
AVMA Practice Pulse: Trends and practice tools to help veterinarians stay competitive

Two new AVMA tools give veterinary practitioners access to expert business advice and detailed benchmarking data. The pair of resources – an interactive data dashboard and practice-focused newsletter – empower veterinary practices of all sizes to make informed business decisions and stay competitive.

The AVMA Practice Pulse newsletter and Veterinary Industry Tracker are born from a new partnership between the AVMA and the veterinary data and analytics firm VetSuccess. Together, these tools give veterinary business owners access to benchmark data from thousands of veterinary practices, along with practical tips and analysis from veterinary business experts.

24/7 practice data, updated daily

The interactive Veterinary Industry Tracker, developed by VetSuccess at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, is now available to the veterinary community on the AVMA website, at  

The dashboard provides around-the-clock access for practice owners to monitor key veterinary indicators and collect benchmark transactional data to compare against our own practices. It includes revenue and visits per practice, year-over-year comparisons, months of parasite protection dispensed, a breakdown of service vs. product revenue, revenue growth by state, and more. 

Explore dashboard

Practical business tips and expert insight

The Practice Pulse newsletter puts this business data to practical use, extracting actionable tips and advice to guide decision-making. Looking at the “what” of the data, AVMA analysts identify meaningful trends and take-aways – providing the “why” and “what next” so subscribers can take meaningful actions that will strengthen the business and bottom line.

The first issue of the newsletter was emailed Tuesday to AVMA members, and the decision to subscribe is up to each individual recipient. Each member has the option to subscribe free of charge to continue receiving Practice Pulse every month.


More tools to stay competitive

The newsletter and dashboard are part of a full suite of AVMA tools that simplify financial and back-office operations for even the smallest practice. Go to to explore these and other practice management resources for AVMA members:


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