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Published on December 19, 2019
AVMA Chief Economist Matt Salois, Ph.D., speaks at the AVMA Economic Summit

Watch presentations from the 2019 Economics Summit

Are you looking for year-end CE or thinking about 2020 business goals or New Year’s resolutions? Five of the most popular, practice-oriented sessions presented at the 2019 AVMA Economics Summit are now available for online learning.

The presentations cover a wide range of business-related topics, including behavioral science, marketing, digital transformation, innovation, and more. In all of them, you’ll gain practical, actionable advice that will help you operate your business more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

AVMA and Student AVMA (SAVMA) members can view the sessions at a discounted rate of just $15, as a benefit of your membership. For other veterinary professionals, they’re available for $30.

You can find the presentations in the Best of Economics Summit category on AVMA Axon, or access them individually here:

  • Behavioral economics and the veterinary profession (1 CE credit): Many of the decisions we make in the veterinary profession are influenced by our biases. Gain an overview of behavioral economics, and learn how you can use it to improve decision-making and your practice’s bottom line.
  • Creative curve: The right idea at the right time (1 CE credit): People often think that creativity is a gift you either have, or you don’t. Author Allen Gannett dispels the myths around creative genius and reveals the science behind achieving success in any field.
  • Digital transformation and the customer experience (0.5 CE credit): Emerging technologies impact customers’ experiences (CX), expectations, and behaviors. These, in turn, change the way veterinary businesses operate. Learn about the principles of digital transformation and be empowered to meet the challenges and opportunities it presents.
  • How the customer’s brain impacts your business (0.5 CE credit): Tap into the subconscious minds of consumers, and learn how their (and our) brains make decisions. Using concepts of behavioral economics (including loss aversion, anchoring and adjustment, and relativity), you’ll begin to see your business in a whole new light.
  • The pet consumer shift: Are you prepared? (0.5 CE credit): Much has changed in the pet industry over the past few years, and there are more changes coming. Learn how the traditional pet consumer is evolving, and how you can prepare for shifting dynamics and trends in the profession.

Get a sample of the kinds of insights provided in these presentations with these 5 practical economic insights for all veterinarians.

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The 2019 AVMA Economics Summit course series is made possible by an educational grant from Merck Animal Health and Veterinary Management Group.