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AVMA eBook Cover COVID-19: Meeting the challenge

With COVID-19 case numbers on the rise again and the first vaccines starting to roll out, it’s more important than ever for veterinarians to protect ourselves and our teams while continuing to serve patients and clients. The AVMA today is releasing a new ebook filled with practical information you can have at your fingertips for guidance at all times.

AVMA is committed to provide the resources that veterinary teams need, especially in the ever-changing pandemic landscape. Whatever the current situation in your area, the ebook COVID-19: Meeting the Challenge will connect you to the information and tools you need to support patients, clients, colleagues, family – and yourself. 

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What’s included

The ebook serves as a toolkit that speaks to what veterinary teams are going through today and may be experiencing tomorrow. Download it as an essential reference to use as you continue supporting patients, clients, colleagues, and family.

  • Taking care of you:  Managing your finances, personal health, and safety – because you can’t care for others if you don’t take care of yourself
  • Taking care of clients and patients: Vital information on everything from triage to testing, client communication to telemedicine – whether your patients are companion animals or livestock
  • Taking care of the team: Personal protective equipment (PPE), risk management, and other information to keep veterinary teams safe, motivated, and able to provide high-quality care
  • Taking care of the business: Resources to support business compliance, financially stability, and growth

Supporting the profession through the pandemic – and beyond

AVMA is pledged to advance the practice of veterinary medicine and veterinarians’ ability to be successful. All of our COVID-19 resources are available for use by any veterinary professional, as part of AVMA’s commitment to advance our shared profession. Find them all, including the new ebook, at

By remaining flexible, adaptable, connected, and unified, the veterinary community can continue to navigate this pandemic together. To stay updated on the latest information related to COVID-19, follow the AVMA on social media, here on this blog, and by subscribing to the many email newsletters available to AVMA members. 


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