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Published on April 15, 2022
Veterinary Leadership Conference

Top sessions from VLC available on AVMA Axon®

The most popular sessions from this year’s Veterinary Leadership Conference are now available for on-demand learning on AVMA Axon®. Course topics range from enhancing workplace inclusivity to leveraging data to protecting your online reputation.

Choose among the following courses, each offering 1 hour of CE credit:

Inclusivity first: Assessing your workplace
Learn how to assess the inclusivity of your workplace. Come away with a customized roadmap to enhance inclusion and open the door to a more diverse profession.

Radically candid conversations to support DEI
Explore the radical candor model, and learn how you can use it to create direct, authentic, and sustainable communication in your organization.

Data are power: Leveraging analysis and insights
Learn how to use data and analytics to improve customer relationships, benefit your business, and help society.

Conflict management for a healthier workplace
Explore conflict management approaches and learn how to use them in real workplace situations.

Cyberbullying: Protect your online reputation
Learn why a business’ online reputation is so important and what you can do to protect yours. Get best practices for preventing, responding to, and recovering from cyberbullying and other internet risks.

These sessions are available to AVMA and Student AVMA (SAVMA) members at a discounted rate of $15 per course. Non-members can purchase the courses for $30.

In addition, the VLC keynote address, The future is bright: Stories from the profession, is available for all members of the veterinary community to watch free of charge. Through inspiring stories from team members in all walks of the profession, learners explore the skills that can help us thrive, even in challenging times.

Preview the keynote here:

Find all of these presentations in the Best of Veterinary Leadership Conference category on AVMA Axon. Subscribe to the AVMA Axon newsletter to be among the first to know when new CE courses are added to the webinar library.


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