Most popular CE: What our colleagues are learning

Do you have year-end CE requirements to meet? Here are the 10 most popular courses right now on AVMA Axon. All are available on demand 24/7/365, and most are free of charge to AVMA members.

Cannabis in practice: A clinical and legal update – AVMA experts cover a wide range of cannabis-related topics, including what research tells us, how to recognize and manage toxicosis in patients, and important regulatory and liability considerations.

Cannabis use by staff: Laws, risks and realities – Understand the laws, risks, and practical realities associated with clinic employees’ use of legal cannabis.

Undergraduate teaching: Is it right for you? – Learn whether a teaching career in undergraduate education might be a good fit for you, either as a full-time career or to supplement your veterinary practice.

To cook or not to cook? Pros and cons of raw diet – Delve into the benefits and risks of raw diets, owner motivations for choosing them, and clinical recommendations your clients should be aware of.

Forensic medicine: Animal crime investigation – Discover careers in veterinary forensics, and find out about the education, skills, and experience necessary to enter this field.

The role of veterinarians in One Health – Learn about veterinary roles and career opportunities in One Health, and how to apply a One Health approach to global problem solving and your own job.

Virtual care: The why, what, and how – Explore telemedicine, including options to apply it in your practice and resources you can use to implement or expand your offerings.

Gain control of your personal finances – Discover tools to help analyze and improve your financial outlook, and understand how personal finances relate to wellbeing.

Assistance animals: Counsel clients, prevent fraud – Learn what you need to know to support access to assistance animals for those with disabilities, including counseling clients about selection, training, and care.

Practice model efficiency for wellbeing and profit – Get practical guidance to help simplify your business model in ways that enhance veterinary team wellbeing, patient outcomes, and profitability.

Apply your learning immediately

These are just a handful of the courses offered on AVMA Axon. More than 3,800 veterinary professionals have taken advantage of the Axon digital education platform since its inception in March. Whether you’re a veterinarian, technician, practice manager, or other team member, the digital CE offered on AVMA Axon is practical and actionable, providing “Axon actions” you can follow up with to cement your learning and move toward achieving your goals.

Axon webinars are convenient, thought-provoking, and challenge you to transform knowledge into new behavior to impact your own life and the lives of your patients. View the full Axon course catalog to decide what you want to learn next.