Meet the AVMA journals’ new editor-in-chief

Published on May 17, 2021
Dr. Lisa A. Fortier

Dr. Lisa A. Fortier, a leading veterinary surgeon, researcher and editor, will become the new editor-in-chief of AVMA’s Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) and American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR), effective June 28, 2021.

An equine orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Fortier is currently the James Law professor of surgery, director of equine programs, and associate chair for research and graduate education at Cornell University. She also serves as editor-in-chief of The Journal of Cartilage and Joint Preservation, the official open-access journal of the International Cartilage Regeneration and Joint Preservation Society (ICRS). 

At the AVMA, she will serve as both editor-in-chief of scientific journals and director of the Publications Division. She will succeed Dr. Kurt Matushek, who has held those positions since 2009. Dr. Matushek is transitioning into a new role, focusing on enhancing the AVMA’s digital delivery of scientific news to the veterinary profession.

“Throughout her career, Dr. Fortier has distinguished herself as a clinician, scientist, educator, and communicator,” said Dr. Douglas Kratt, AVMA president. “We are delighted that she will be bringing her expertise as a surgeon, as the author of more than 150 publications, and as an editor to her new position leading AVMA’s veterinary journals.” 

Dr. Fortier holds a Ph.D. in veterinary medicine from Cornell in addition to her DVM from Colorado State University, and is a career-long member of the AVMA. Her research has received over $20 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health, foundations, and other sources. 

“Dr. Fortier will be a highly valued member of our senior leadership team,” said Dr. Janet Donlin, AVMA CEO and executive vice president. “We very much look forward to her innovative and data-driven expertise as she steps into this important role.”

Learn more about Dr. Fortier in the press release announcing her appointment.


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