Making it easier to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine

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A masked veterinarian discusses something on a tablet with a masked client

Encourage clients with new resources

A new suite of resources from the AVMA will help you encourage your team and your clients to consider vaccination against COVID-19 within your community.

Veterinarians understand the power of vaccines and are uniquely qualified to discuss their importance for preventing and controlling disease in both animals and people. We encourage clients to prioritize preventive care for their animals as part of our commitment to protecting patient health. Likewise, it’s important to prioritize preventive care for people, not only by getting ourselves vaccinated against COVID-19 but by encouraging our team members and clients to consider getting vaccinated, too.

This isn’t always an easy or comfortable conversation, but it’s an important one. AVMA’s new COVID-19 communication resources will help the entire veterinary health care team have these discussions. The toolkit includes posters, social media images, talking points, shareable videos, and more—all free to download.

Get started

As a trusted source of health information and healing, your conversations with clients and their families about getting a COVID-19 vaccine can influence their willingness to consider it. It also honors the veterinary commitment to promoting public health.  For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, visit and


Lee Gilbert-Trott, DVM
December 08, 2021 Permalink


Please do not ask us to participate in a mass vaccination campaign with an experimental mRNA drug which is proving to have deleterious effects on human health, and is driving the evolution of new variants. There are several effective treatments available for corona virus infections. It is irresponsible for anyone to promote this program, and veterinarians have better judgement than to do so.

AVMA Editor
December 13, 2021

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We understand that not every veterinarian will be interested in discussing the COVID-19 vaccine, and that every encounter with a colleague or client isn't going lend itself to a conversation about vaccination against COVID-19. The resource materials provided are intended to make that conversation easier for those who do want to take the opportunity to discuss it with their colleagues and clients. No member dues have been used to fund this campaign, and participation by our members is, of course, completely voluntary.

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