Make your practice more feline-friendly

Published on December 02, 2016
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Partners for Healthy Pets' toolkit can help

Partners for Healthy PetsVeterinarians know that cats are masters at hiding illness, and that regular veterinary exams are vital to feline health. But cats often don’t receive the veterinary care they need.

We all know it’s not for lack of love, and it’s not for lack of concern about their health and well-being. For many cat owners, the biggest barriers for seeking veterinary care stem from their cats’ anxiety about the veterinary exam. How often do you hear about how much a client’s cat “hates” the carrier and promptly disappears whenever it is brought out of storage? Or maybe the client has battle scars from the struggle to put their cat in the carrier.

For many owners, fighting with their apparently healthy cat to take the pet in for a veterinary exam quickly turns to exasperation and, in many cases, defeat. “Well, she didn’t seem sick, anyway, so we’ll try again next month.” Only next month becomes next year, or even never. And when they finally do pack Fluffy into her carrier, she’s either a hissing, growling feline tornado in the exam room, or she promptly darts for hiding spaces or exits.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Feline-friendly tools for your veterinary practice

By implementing some tools offered courtesy of the Partners for Healthy Pets, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, and the CATalyst Council, you can make your practice more feline-friendly and reduce stress for everyone involved. These feline-friendly practice tools include webinars, guidelines, videos, and other aids to help you make your practice a more welcoming, low-stress environment for your feline patients and their owners.

If you’re participating in the PHP’s free preventive healthcare certificate program, these materials make up one section of the program, and completing this step keeps you on track to earn your certificate. Partners for Healthy Pets also has additional resources to help your practice, such as a forward-booking tool and the Opportunity Survey.

Partners for Healthy Pets was created to ensure pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular veterinary visits. Led by the AVMA and AAHA, it is a collaborative alliance of more than 100 veterinary associations, colleges of veterinary medicine and animal health companies, all committed to a vision of improved overall health for pets. We’re proud of our support for Partners for Healthy Pets and encourage you to make full use of its veterinary practice tools.


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