Living our oath: Collaborate, innovate, activate

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AVMA Annual Report

It takes teams working together to fulfill our duties and responsibilities to patients, clients, one another, and to the work we do. The same holds true for the AVMA, your national veterinary association.

This is reflected in the theme of this year’s AVMA annual report: “Living Our Oath: Collaborate, Innovate, Activate,” available now at There has never been a more exciting time in veterinary medicine, and the AVMA is focused on collaboration, innovation, and activation now and as we look to the future. 

Together we accomplished much in 2023, reaching new milestones and addressing a range of critical issues with the potential for broad impact on the delivery of care to our patients, the structure of the profession, and veterinary medicine as a whole.

This 2023 annual report highlights the AVMA’s key achievements in service to AVMA members and the veterinary profession, focusing on the primary pillars of the Association’s strategy:

  • Driving lifelong member value in the AVMA
  • Enhancing professional development and lifelong learning
  • Advancing professional policy and practice
  • Leveraging relationships and world-class advocacy efforts
  • Ensuring a healthy and robust veterinary profession

The AVMA has the duty of serving as the trusted leader to protect, promote, and advance a strong, unified veterinary profession that meets the needs of society. The Association’s volunteer leaders and staff take this responsibility very seriously. 

Working together with trusted partners, and bolstered by the AVMA’s members—now totaling more than 105,000—the Association and profession made great strides in 2023. Download a free copy of the 2023 annual report to see what we have accomplished together.

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