License portability, student debt and globalization: Give us your opinion

Published on May 16, 2018

Commenting Period Open Make Your Voice HeardShould veterinarians be allowed greater licensure portability to provide our critical services? What can we do to address veterinary student debt? What role should the AVMA play internationally?

We want your input as the AVMA House of Delegates prepares to debate these topics at the upcoming Veterinary Information Forum in Denver on July 12. As an AVMA member, you should have recently received an email from your delegate asking you to provide comments on these topics so that your opinions can help us shape our discussions and actions. The topics are:

  • License Portability: What is the need and what are the possible avenues for veterinarians to move across jurisdictions for temporary relief and disaster response?
  • Student Debt: Think outside the box. What hasn’t been tried?
  • Globalization: We live in a global society. What role should the AVMA play internationally?

The complete list of Veterinary Information Forum topics, as well as  resolutions and bylaws amendments that will be considered by the House of Delegates, are available on the AVMA website.

Your opinions matter to us, and they will guide our discussions. Let your voice be heard, and be part of the conversation. We encourage all AVMA members to contact your delegate to share your thoughts on these issues before the meeting. It’s easy to connect directly with your delegate on, or you can respond to your delegate from the email that was sent to you.


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